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Philippe (Phil) Chan
Creative Director

Hi, Everyone! Phil from VP here!Since I have been the Creative Director at VP, I get questions about infographics and motion graphics.

The question I am asked the most is: “what are they”?

Do you watch the evening news? ESPN? YouTube? If you answered yes to any of these, you have seen motion graphics or infographics in some form, from transitioning from a live football game to a replay in order to analyze the game, to a political ad with bullet points about why this candidate is better than another, to even a Powerpoint presentation at your office.

Motion graphics are video projects that can contain animation, audio effects, or narratives. You have seen motion graphics are used heavily from ads on YouTube and television, to websites and even employee training videos.

An infographic creatively uses still images, such as charts, graphs, timelines, maps and other visuals. They can be used to make projects more engaging. They are great for communicating complex information.

Another question I get asked is “how are infographics or motion graphic ads helpful for my business or message financially?”

Making a motion graphics or infographics ad is very cost effective, especially for a small business. Motion graphics and infographics don’t need a large cast or crew. VP Digital Consulting can make a digital video for you using your message and anything else you would like to include, whether you would like music, voiceover narration or even a cuddly little mascot (in case you have one) included in your project. If you want to send an exciting message, but without spending money on a film crew and cast, motion graphics and infographics is definitely the way to go.

We will be posting videos that will contain more information about infographics and motion graphics soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us!

If you would like to try our motion graphics or infographic services out, take some time and take our survey and receive a FREE 10 second animated motion graphic or animated infographic ad for YOUR business or message.



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